Effective user access and identity management are crucial for businesses today, ensuring secure application access while maintaining compliance.

SAP Identity Management streamlines user processes, such as onboarding, role updates, and departures, aligning them with your organization's workflow. This automation, driven by events or schedules, guarantees a smooth and user-friendly experience for your employees. Key Benefits

We provide core technical staffs for SailPoint Identity Now (IDN) and Okta Identity Engine and Okta Classic Engine

● Enhanced Cost Efficiency and Productivity

● Single Hub for Identity Data

● Effortless Access Management

● Centralized User Access Governance

● User-Focused Self-Service Features

● Business-Oriented Role Definitions

● Comprehensive Reporting and Audit Trail

● Legal Compliance and Segregation of Duties

Our Offerings

Tailored SAP Identity Management (IDM) Consulting

Personalized and top-notch consulting services for SAP IDM.

Expert SAP IDM Technical Implementation

Proficiently implement SAP IDM with our technical expertise.

Efficient Project Management for SAP IDM Projects

Skillful project management to ensure successful SAP IDM project delivery.

Custom Fiori User Interface for SAP IDM

Craft bespoke Fiori user interfaces specifically designed for SAP IDM.

Support for Technical Lifecycle Process Design

Assistance in shaping the technical aspects of your lifecycle processes.

Seamless SAP IDM Upgrades

Smooth transition and upgrade SAP IDM Services

Technical Support with Flexible SLAs

Responsive technical support with flexible service level agreements.

SAP IDM Review for an Expert Second Opinion

Receive a professional assessment and second opinion on your SAP IDM setup.